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Pharma-K Imported Medicines Assistance

Specialized to assist both personal and corporations as the public sector, municipalities, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, laboratories and many more to purchase high complexity and orphan drugs. These medicines are available worldwide, but they are not registered on Ministério da Saúde, which is a Brazilian entity from the Government that takes care of all matters that are related with Health in the country. So, all customers need administrative and customs assistance to safely get their medicines. We’re always thinking about our patients, so we seek the best costs and quality with our partners all over the World to be able to bring our patients a fair price and reliability.

How does our importing process works?

The importing process
is pretty simple. With
patient’s prescription,
medical statement
and ID
in hands.

Contact Pharma-K and
ask for a quote.

The purchase and the
monitoring of importing
follows the Brazilian
legislation "RDC 81/2008".

We work with distributors that
ensure the origin and quality
of their products.

We take care of all logistics
since the medicine
until the delivery with
safety and agility.

Importing process concluded.
The importing evidence
documents are delivered
to the patient or client.

How does the importing

11 3871-2475 | 0800 770 2475

Pharmaceutical Care

Thinking about its clients and patients, Pharma-K provides a qualified healthcare professional to answer all your questions about the medicine that was prescribed by your doctor.

Note: Our team of Pharmacists is able to clarify questions regarding drug administration. Only your doctor is able to diagnose and prescribe drugs.

Call us: +55 11 3871-2475
+55 11 3879-2430
0800 770 2475